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Falke type M5A++ Kriegsmesser 2.0

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Falke Kriegsmesser 2.0
Falke Kriegsmesser 2.0
Falke Kriegsmesser 2.0
Falke Kriegsmesser 2.0
Falke Kriegsmesser 2.0
Falke Kriegsmesser 2.0
Falke Kriegsmesser 2.0
Falke Kriegsmesser 2.0

A light and agile sharp Kriegsmesser with a curved and fullered blade based on the depiction of a Landsknecht, Fritz Rürenschlundt.

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The new Falke Kriegsmesser

The highly anticipated new version of the famous Falke Kriegsmesser is now available. Refined, resharpened, even more breath- taking.

The turning point of the 15th and 16th century brought along the largest single-edged weapon with a knifelike construction, the Kriegsmesser, war knife. Most antique Kriegsmessers are below the 1300mm overall size, however some illustrations might show larger pieces as well.

Most of the originals have M5b, M5a or M3d blades with various degrees of curvature, while some are completely straight, occasionally with elongated false edges. With the Ruggers and Bauernwehrs being analogous to daggers and proper Messers to arming swords, it's clear that these huge knives were created to compete with European longswords (Wittenweller equates them the same way).

This specific model of the war knife from our collection is based on the portrait of Fritz Rürenschlundt by Jörg Breu the Elder. The new, revised model has even more curvature with a pronounced profile taper. This results in a more slender look even while in the scabbard, and a much closer depiction of the original artwork. Additionally, we have flattened the cross section in model 2.0 which lowers both the overall weight of the piece (allowing for a comfortable one- handed use), as well as the resistance during passing through a cutting medium.

The blade is ground completely by hand from 6mm thick 6150 steel (51crv4 by European standard) to an almost completely flat triangle cross-section and is sharp on it's entire length, it lacks however a false edge. After the grinding, it’s sanded by hand to achieve a clean sheen. The edge has been hand- honed.

The grip length allows two-handed use, although as mentioned, this Kriegsmesser is light enough to be used in just one hand, which is another feature that makes it stand out. We could argue that it's even closer in handling to sabers than to the larger Kriegsmessers.
We have designed the grip construction with a hidden and pinned tang, in a similar fashion to several Eastern European sabers from the late 16th century, with plenty of originals filling the gaps between the two weapon types.

We have decided to slim down the grip in comparison to the previous model, allowing for a more comfortable grip. Additionally, the whole hardwood surface is covered with black leather, which has been burnished before sealing shut on the side to increase the comfort while still allowing for a bit of extra traction. The butt of the grip has been covered with a separate thin piece of leather with skived edges to eliminate the seam. 

The cross and Nagel are both hand-ground. The former has delicate yet crisp filework at the ends of the arms, while the wide N5d Nagel is heavily fullered and scalloped. The cross is slid down along the blade and the Nagel is peened on the  other side.

To keep the authentic feel, we allow some slight variation when it comes to the hilt accessories - it means that no two Messers are the same. They will differ and show marks of hammering, as the antique Messers do. Additionally, in our designs we use organic materials which may vary in texture and hue.

We follow the philosophy of design from the past- hardly any weapons were made pristine. They bore signs of swordmaker's tools, hours of filing and hard work which makes for a unique signature of the maker, and their relationship with the weapon they forge. It means that our pieces are unique, and no two weapons are the same.

The weapon is a practice sharp Kriegsmesser for cutting and technical drills, perfect for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).


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