I'm about to place an order

3/1. Can I make an order by email/on phone/Meta Messenger/Instagram/etc.?

We only accept orders through our website.


3/2. While placing the order the prices suddenly changed, why is that?

As mentioned in our product description, our website is set to show unregistered users the net prices of the products. This means that the prices do not contain any kind of tax.

After logging in (which is necessary to place your order), the system checks your shipping data and applies taxes to your order if necessary. Applicable tax rates vary between different countries, with all of which we’re familiar with. If your shipping address does not match the taxes applied to your order – f.e. you placed your order with an address to avoid paying taxes and changed the shipping address to another one – we will notice that and unfortunately, we can not confirm the order until all the applicable tax content is paid.

So-called third-country customers (f.e. those from the US or the UK) are eligible to place orders without any initial taxes, but might (and most probably will) be subject to the payment of applicable taxes upon importing (receiving) the products. DHL and your local customs office can give you detailed information about that.


3/3. Do you have a split payment policy?

Unfortunately no. Since our schedule is always very tightly bound, we would consider it disrespectful to offer the same terms to those willing to commit their purchase with a full payment and those that doesn’t. We understand that our products are not exactly on the cheap side, but this is a decision we had to make in order to protect our integrity.


3/4. Can I pay my order after production is finished?

Due to administration and bookkeeping reasons, we can only confirm and schedule orders for production after full payment has been made.


3/5. What happens if I don't pay for my order?

In case we don't receive payment for an order, we will send you a notification email as soon as we have some time in front of our admin site. First, your order will be set to "Waiting for payment" status. You have nothing to worry about, the order is still in the system, we just haven't received payment yet, thus can not proceed for the time being. It is possible that you haven't noticed that your payment was unsuccessful, maybe you didn't know we expect full payment before confirming your order, or you just might have made the payment with a wire transfer which might take a couple of days to show in our account.

If we do not receive payment in the first 7 days, we'll still keep your order in our system, but we'll set its status to "Unsuccessful payment" for another 7 days. If the payment hasn't arrived to us at this point there is some problem either on your or on our side with the payment. Please triple-check if the payment showed to be successful on your side, and if so, contact us by email and attach proof of payment so we can contact our providers and see if the issue is caused by some technical trouble, or if there's a problem with one of our providers.

If we do not receive a payment or aren't contacted about any issue regarding the order, we will delete it after 14 days due to administrative reasons. This will not affect any order you make later on, we just can not keep dozens or hundreds of unpaid orders in our system.


3/6. I have trouble paying my order, what should I do?

First of all, please do not place another order, as this will most likely only result in another failed payment. There might be multiple reasons behind the problem:

1.) You’re trying to make a payment with a credit or debit card that does not support payments with the chosen currency, or international payments at all. In this case, we recommend transferring the amount from your bank account to your PayPal balance (if you have a PayPal account) and making sure that your payment priorities are set to the PayPal balance, or choosing the Bank Transfer option for payment and transferring the money with Wise transfer, Western Union or a similar service of your preference.

2.) Your personal information registered to your account at your bank does not match the personal info provided for your order. In some cases, your bank or PayPal might deny the payment due to the mismatch.

3.) You wish to pay by Barion, but the security protocols used by this provider are not authorized by your bank. While Barion is entirely safe to use, banks might have different security protocols that they consider to be safer than others. Please check your account history, and if you see that the payment has been denied due to safety reasons, please contact customer service. Usually, it takes only a couple of minutes to allow Barion transfers to be made from your bank account.

In case of a failed payment, you can restart the payment process, or change the payment method from the order page, which you can access from your profile after logging in to your account on the website.

Please be aware, that after a failed payment attempt, our system will lock the payment method and will not allow you to restart the process for about 15-20 minutes. This is a safety measure to prevent a payment from being made multiple times either accidentally, or in case your credit card/PayPal information is compromised.

In case you can not sort out the issue, let us know by email so we can check whether the problem is on our side.


3/7. The website showed that the product was in stock, but when I tried to order it, it was out of stock. What happened?

Products on our website labeled with a yellow exclamation mark „Stock: Available for order” are not available off the shelf, but we do have all the parts, raw materials, and equipment for production.

If you’re looking for readily available products, you always can find some of those at our Retail Partners.


3/8. Are any of your products in stock?

Only products marked with the green label „In stock” are available off the shelf. These items can be prepared for shipping and dispatched in about 10 business days.

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