I already placed an order

4/1. What is the production time for the products/when will my order ship?

Our production time for standard products is currently six months. We do everything we can to finish and send out each of your orders as soon as possible, and on rare occasions, some orders might be delivered in a matter of weeks. However, these are rather the exceptions than the norm and are mostly possible due to an order being canceled by another customer.


4/2. Will I get notifications about the status of my order?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to send real-time updates about the production status of your orders, but we’re happy to provide you with up-to-date information about each order if you contact us via e-mail.

Once every item of your order is finished, went through quality control, and is deemed to be ready for shipping in all regards, you will receive a notification email about the order being Prepared for shipping. At this point, your order is packaged and the pickup of the parcel has been ordered. Once we receive the shipping label containing the tracking number, we update the order with that, but will only send out a notification email about the order being Shipped on the day of the actual pickup. Usually, our parcels are handed over to the couriers a couple of days after we order the shipping labels but depending on the workload of the delivery company, this might take a bit longer occasionally.


4/3. Can I change my order from X to Y / Can I add Z to my order?

You can make changes to your order 2 times free of charge, any further changes or extensions require a small administration fee of 15 EUR.

We can not make one-on-one exchanges of ordered products; f.e. if you ordered the Adorian type M3D+ messer with its Halftan leather sheath, we can not change the order to a Gottfried type M3C Messer with a scabbard. Prices of our products have drastic differences in many cases, thus such changes would cause significant headache in our bookkeeping.

We provide the option of extending your order or changing specifications (handedness, grip material, extensions like knucklebow crossguards and pommels)of the ordered products in the first 3 months of production. After that, materials and parts of the ordered products are already prepared and supplied, and by changing the specifications, we might have difficulties with the fulfillment of another order the new parts were originally meant to be used for., thus we can not modify the order after this 3 months period.


4/4. Do you have a warranty policy? What does the warranty cover and how long is it applicable?

We do everything possible to avoid warranty issues with our products. Unfortunately, there are many technical limits to what and how we can check the quality of the finished products, thus we provide a warranty for each product leaving our workshop.

We're currently working with some well-known members of the HEMA messer community to give you a more detailed description of how our warranty policy works, when and how it is applicable, and what may be a ground of refusal for warranty.

Until then, if you have a warranty claim, please contact us by email so we can discuss the details.

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