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Gottfried type M3C Messer

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Gottfried Messer
Gottfried Messer
Gottfried Messer
Gottfried Messer
Gottfried Messer
Gottfried Messer
Gottfried Messer
Gottfried Messer
Gottfried Messer
Gottfried Messer

A standard M3C Messer with a clip point, based on an amalgam of antique knives and period depictions. This blade form was most popular in the mid-to-late 15th century.

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Gottfried is a very quick and agile weapon with a decent blade presence in the bind. It is currently our lightest standard Messer, and one of the most popular choices among the Messer fencers.

This Langes Messer has an M3C blade with an elegant clip point. Additionally, the design features a type XV cross, N5b Nagel, and a pommel-less grip in a shape of a CC1 pommel.

We offer the blade in 3 options: sharp, thin blunt, and thick blunt. The sharp is perfect for cutting tests and solo drills, the thin blunt closely approximates the handling of a sharp blade. The thick blunt blade is also reasonably close to a sharp Messer in handling, but the extra material does alter weight distribution. We recommend the thin blunts if the main goal is having a training weapon as close to a sharp as possible in handling, while the thick blunt is more suitable for hard sparring. The thin blunt's edge is rather delicate, at around 1.2mm-1.5mm, which should be considered before placing an order.

The blade is ground freehand from a blank of 6150/51crv4 steel and has a small secondary bevel. The hilt accessories are also ground freehand from mild steel. We are letting some variance happen in the hilt accessories - this helps keep the price manageable and the appearance authentic at the same time. The Nagel is a separate piece peened on the other side of the quillon block, as it should be. The quillons are slid downwards from the tip with the blade protruding in the bottom. Depending on the exact quillons we made, this protrusion may be ground flat or may be peened as seen on several originals. This seemingly strange direction of assembly is present on several original pieces. Another feature taken from historical pieces is the quillon block expanding a bit onto the grip.

The handmade grip slabs are affixed by gluing and a row of peened tubular brass rivets.


Please be advised; slight variations and differences may occur in the products due to their hand-made nature and the organic materials used.

The products aim to have the aesthetics of historical pieces, not the finish of mass-produced items. Each product bears the signs of its making; small tool marks and imperfections, which do not affect the build quality or usability but give each of our pieces its unique character.


The weapon is a practice Messer for sparring and technical drills, perfect for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).


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Weapon type
Quillion length
140 mm
Blade length
680 mm
Overall length
870 mm
Point of balance
120 mm
755 grams
Blade width at the base
41 mm
Starting thickness
5 mm
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