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Lyse Byknife

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Lyse Byknife

Little Lyse came to help you! This little mistress can be the jewel of your scabbard. She's no little mouse, still, she feels more comfortable with one of his big brothers around.

45.00 EUR
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Question about the product

Byknives are integral parts of the history of messers in various forms, styles, and sizes, used mostly for dining or tasks that a fine control is needed for.

Lyse is based on multiple depictions and originals including some in our own collection, with a generic design to fit in a wider period and be reasonably matching any of our standard messers and kriegsmessers.

The byknives come with a full tang construction, the grip panels attached with adhesive and tubular rivets, while the cast bronze bolster is attached with a single, solid rivet.

The symmetrical blade is ground from 6150 steel, with 2.5mm thickness in the tang, slightly tapering towards the tip on its 115mm long blade.

The product can be ordered

- as a standalone knife, without a holster

- as an addition of a Gottfried, Günther, Gustav, or Karl scabbard, or for Medium and Large Bauernwehrs with sheath

Please choose the desired option.

Please be advised; slight variations and differences may occur in the products due to their hand-made nature and the organic materials used.

The products aim to have the aesthetics of historical pieces, not the finish of mass-produced items. Each product bears the signs of its making; small tool marks and imperfections, which do not affect the build quality or usability but give each of our pieces its unique character.

The product is meant to be used a dining knife and accessory for historical reenactment.


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Weapon type
Blade length
115 mm
Overall length
195 mm
Point of balance
5 mm
30 grams
Blade width at the base
9 mm
Starting thickness
2.5 mm
Out of stock
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