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Scabbard for Gustav type M4D Messer

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Scabbard for Gustav Messer
Scabbard for Gustav Messer
Scabbard for Gustav Messer
Scabbard for Gustav Messer
Scabbard for Gustav Messer
Scabbard for Gustav Messer
Scabbard for Gustav Messer
Scabbard for Gustav Messer

A wooden-cored leather-wrapped scabbard for the M4D Gustav Messer.

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Question about the product

In order to keep to the historical style, the scabbard follows the blade quite closely and is relatively thin, not protruding over the thickness of the cross. 

The Messer scabbard consists of three materials: the core is thin plywood (we can work directly from veneer if you wish, contact us for pricing), bound in linen, and wrapped in vegetable-tanned leather.

The exact thickness of the leather wrap depends on the desired decoration - for plain scabbards, it's 0.8mm thick goat leather, for embossed pieces, it's 1.2mm thick cow leather.

Colors listed in the dropdown menu are available at no extra cost. If you can't find the color you're looking for, contacts us!


Available suspension types:

  • Loop suspension: based on period illustrations, it was the most frequent method of hanging your Messer. Two channels are formed at the back/top of the scabbard, and a leather loop is threaded through them. The scabbard hangs vertically from the belt.

  • 2-point baldric: sometimes seen on illustrations. Similar to the 2- point baldric, but the two straps join with the two halves of the belt in one point, held together by a rivet and a plate boss. The straps and the belt form an X, and the belt is worn across the shoulder opposite from the weapon.

  • 2-point suspension: a less common method for suspending Messer, where two short leather straps attach the scabbard to a belt at an angle. The straps are connected to the scabbard by themselves between wooden risers under the leather wrap.

  • Landsknecht knotwork: often seen in 16th-century illustrations on Katzbalgers, it's also present on some Messer scabbards. A long leather strip is knotted onto the scabbard under a wooden riser, forming essentially a belt frog. The belt passes through this knotwork, allowing for angled carry.


Available decoration types:


  • Plain: the leather is well-oiled and left completely plain.

  • Floral: based on period manuscript border art and surviving leatherwork from the same era. Made by incising and embossing. We are happy to paint it with striking, contrasting colors, with the color scheme inspired by period art.

  • Architectural: Following the geometric rules seen in Gothic architecture, we can create either simple or highly complex decoration for your scabbard. The most striking feature of the complex version is the inclusion of rose windows into the design. Similar to the floral decoration, techniques include incising and embossing.

  • Totentanz: the Dance of Death and Memento Mori are themes often seen in period art. On surviving original scabbards, to the best of our knowledge, they are exclusive to baselards from the 16th century, but the popularity of the theme itself justifies our use of it on Messer scabbards as well. There are plenty of options, we only listed but a few - from single embossed monochrome figures to colorful lineups consisting of a dozen or more characters, we are happy to do it all.

If you have another idea, please contact us and discuss options- we are always up for a challenge!

Please be advised; slight variations and differences may occur in the products due to their hand-made nature and the organic materials used.

The products aim to have the aesthetics of historical pieces, not the finish of mass-produced items. Each product bears the signs of its making; small tool marks and imperfections, which do not affect the build quality or usability but give each of our pieces its unique character.



While filing the order for a scabbard, please state the sidedness in the comments- is it meant to be for a left- or a right- handed blade?


For more information, please click HERE

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