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Rotmilan type M3D+ Sparring Kriegsmesser

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Rotmilan Kriegsmesser
Rotmilan Kriegsmesser
Rotmilan Kriegsmesser
Rotmilan Kriegsmesser

A unique blunt Kriegsmesser for sparring, based on XV century paintings.

800.00 EUR
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Question about the product

Our first standardized blunt Kriegsmesser is primarily based on 'The martyrdom of St. Sebastian' by Master ES from 1467, while taking some elements from the late 15th century Wolfegg Hausbuch's Bergwerkspanorama page.

The goal was to capture the essence of the weapons while keeping them reasonably safe, so while the edges and the tip are thick with the weak of the blade being flexible, we still recommend using them with control.

The slightly curved, completely handground 940mm long blade starts at 8mm thickness with a pronounced nonlinear distal taper, echoing several surviving originals. The pair of fullers on each side aid in lowering the overall weight while allowing for robust edges.

The blade's shoulders slightly protrude beyond the wide cross, and are fine over a staked slot to minimize the chance of loosening. The Nagel passes through both blade and cross, and is peened on the other side as on the originals.

The bomb is also hand-ground and the tang passing through it is hot fine. The exquisite is both Nagel and Pommel are sanded as smooth as possible.
The grip is made of wood, and is affixed by hollow rivets and gluing to the heavily fullered, full-width tang. A fuller runs in the middle on both sides, extending into both pommel and cross.

The Kriegsmesser is available on a made-to-order basis, with a waiting time between 9 and 12 months.

To keep the authentic feel and affordable price, we allow some slight variation when it comes to the hilt accessories - it means that no two Messers are the same. They will differ and show marks of hammering, as the antique Messers do. Additionally, in our designs we use organic materials which may vary in texture and hue.

We follow the philosophy of design from the past- hardly any weapons were made pristine. They bore signs of swordmaker's tools, hours of filing and hard work which makes for a unique signature of the maker, and their relationship with the weapon they forge. It means that our pieces are unique, and no two weapons are the same.

The weapon is a practice Kriegsmesser for sparring and technical drills, perfect for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and reenactment.


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Weapon type
Quillion length
200 mm
Blade length
940 mm
Overall length
1 200 mm
Point of balance
150 mm
1 650 grams
Blade width at the base
40 mm
Starting thickness
8 mm
Out of stock
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