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Dorothea type 4A++ Dussack

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Dorothea Dussack
Dorothea Dussack
Dorothea Dussack
Dorothea Dussack
Dorothea Dussack
Dorothea Dussack
Dorothea Dussack
Dorothea Dussack

Dorothea, our first lady in the collection of weapons is an elegant and nimble Dussack, with an Elmslie type 4a ++ blade and Norheim style G hilt.

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Question about the product

The dussack is a sidearm originating in the early 16 th century, and it was first mentioned in the manuscript 'Ergrundung Ritterlicher Kunst der Fechterey' written by a fencing master Andre Paurñfeyndt in 1516. It has soon become a standard part of fencing treatments, where they are usually shown as made out of wood (for practicing purposes).

The actual weapon is defined by a now often curved blade, a knucklebow and protection for the back of the hand. The dusack's blade length usually lies between 635mm and 884mm. When it comes to the blades and hilts, the originals and period depictions show a considerable variation.

Per Terje Norheim created a typology for them in 1971 which was translated by Keith Cotter-Reilly in 2020, who inspired us to do this project. From all the available variations, we choose a type G hilt with a type III blade – the latter is approximately equivalent to the Elmslie type 4a++ blade.

The blade and pommel  are all fully ground by hand, the cross and the shell are hand- forged in our Emporium. The peculiar finials and pommel shape are based quite closely on antique Dussacks and are representing stylized sea monsters.

According to Major Eivind Eyvang’s publication on the subject (also translated by Keith Cotter-Reilly), dussacks hilted with type G hilts are the lightest variation, with the originals weighing between 920g and 1150g. Our interpretation aims at a weight of 1050-1070 grams which yields a fast, nimble weapon while still having a sturdy enough blade to survive sparring.

While original type G hilts don’t really show any hard connection between the shell and the cross, we decided to braze them together for added security. It is also important to point out that although we slightly oversized the shell and cross, it may not fit heavy, bulky gloves.

To keep the authentic feel and affordable price, we allow some slight variation when it comes to the hilt accessories - it means that no two weapons are the same. They will differ and show marks of hammering, as the antique weapons do. Additionally, in our designs we use organic materials which may vary in texture and hue.

We follow the philosophy of design from the past- hardly any weapons were made pristine. They bore signs of swordmaker's tools, hours of filing and hard work which makes for a unique signature of the maker, and their relationship with the weapon they forge. It means that our pieces are unique, and no two weapons are the same.

The weapon is a practice Dussack for sparring and technical drills, perfect for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).


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Weapon type
Blade length
770 mm
Overall length
918 mm
Point of balance
100 mm
1 060 grams
Blade width at the base
40 mm
Starting thickness
6 mm
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