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Albrecht type XVIIIB Sharp Longsword

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Albrecht type XVIIIB Sharp Longsword
Albrecht type XVIIIB Sharp Longsword
Albrecht type XVIIIB Sharp Longsword
Albrecht type XVIIIB Sharp Longsword

A slender, stiff-bladed sharp European longsword with type XII cross and hollow type G pommel offers a unique handling experience.

380.00 EUR
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Question about the product

This model of a longsword is based on originals and period artwork. From the latter category, our main inspiration wasAlbrechtDürer, hence our choice of naming.
As usual, we wanted to make a stand-out sword with unique details. The most noticeable of thesearethe slender, angular grip and the deceivingly simple-looking pommel.

The blade is hand-ground from 51crv4 / 6150 steel, almost exclusively on large-radius wheels to better approximate period grinding methods, tool marksandanomalies. The longsword is sharp onit'sentire length on both edges, with the tip being subtly reinforced by making the bevel more obtuse, as seen on some originals. While the exact amount of distal taper varies a little between pieces due to the free-hand nature of grinding, care is taken to keep it as stiff as possible without making it clumsy.

The grip has angular shape; the lower, wider part is a well-defined flat hexagon while the upper half is rhomboid in cross-section. The wooden core is bound in linen to reinforce it, and is wrapped in thin vegetable-tanned goat leather.

The hollow bomb is silver-soldered together from 3 pieces of relatively thin steel as seen on several originals. This keeps the overall weight low while pushing the point of balance further down the blade and results in a unique handling experience.

We follow the philosophy of design from the past- hardly any weapons were made pristine. They bore signs of swordmaker's tools, hours of filing and hard work which makes for a unique signature of the maker, and their relationship with the weapon they forge. It means that our pieces are unique, and no two weapons are the same.

The weapon is a practice sharp sword for cutting and technical drills, perfect for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).


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Weapon type
Blade length
919 mm
Overall length
1 235 mm
Point of balance
160 mm
1 400 grams
Blade width at the base
39 mm
Starting thickness
6 mm
Out of stock
Article No.
1.5 kg/pcs