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Sheath for Adorian M3d+ Messer

Stock:4 pcs
Sheath for Adorian M3d+ Messer

A sheath for our M3D+ Adorian Messer.

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Question about the product

Not all period sidearms had wooden-cored scabbards, some were made entirely from leather. We have spent a lot of time designing a sheath of this sort, without making it too bulky or too delicate, discarding several prototypes that weren't up to our standard.

We have found the answer to our design question in the historical method of using half-tan leather.

Half-tan means that the tanning chemicals don’t penetrate the hide fully. This process means that the grain and flesh side become vegetable tanned leather whilst the middle stays rawhide. It opens up a variety of possibilities, including deeper, crisper and more resilient embossing and much more resilience during sewing – due to the rawhide middle, it’s nearly impossible to tense the thread so much that it tears out a hole. Just as importantly, it’s extremely resistant to cuts when dry. This feature makes it perfect for sheaths but on the other hand- it makes the material extremely difficult to obtain.

Since it’s such a special and rarely-seen leather, we wanted to add something to make it stand out even more even at first glance: we have created a standardized floral design for them. That only gives the flat contours so we still emboss each one by hand, therefore every piece maintains its individuality.

The sheaths are all hand-sewn with linen thread, using an overhand stitch which is flattened in the back. They are set up for vertical carry on a leather loop, as that’s the suspension we see in the vast majority of sources.

4 pcs
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