In the woods - Pear

Landsknecht Emporium
Landsknecht Emporium
Another fruit tree is next in line; let's see what we know about Pear!
Pear is quite an exclusive wood. It's decorative and elegant in a way that none of the previously presented woods.
Its thin, almost invisible fibers give pear a somewhat unusual, homogenous look amongst trees, which is still broken by the sharp contrasts of the annual rings. The colors are soft and pleasing, bright brown with just a hint of red, having a slight gray-ish tone and a somewhat dull shine.
In some cases, the wood is steamed fresh after processing, which provides it with brownish pink color and makes the wood easier to work with.
Pear is considered to be hard, heavy wood, with moderate density, not too prone for warpage or splitting. It is flexible yet strong, can be bent nicely with the proper technique. Thanks to the fine, homogenous nature of it, pear is a dream to work with!
To be fair, keeping pear dry is a priority, as well as regular maintenance, mainly waxing of the surface.
The bright, yellow coloration is stable, which is not a common attribute of bright woods.
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