In the woods - Beech

Landsknecht Emporium
Landsknecht Emporium
If you ever checked our website, you most probably noticed that Beech is almost exclusively the standard grip material for our messers.
Of course, the price has a role in this, but there are other factors as well that make this wood great to be used as a grip material.
Beech has a very generic wood look. Surprising, isn't it? Now aside from joking around, this wood comes in two usual colors; a bright, almost pale yellow or a darker, reddish mid/bright grey tone which in some cases is almost a reddish-white.
The annual rings form a nice, feint radial pattern. Larger reddish-brown knots may appear in a mirror-like fashion as well.
Steamed Beech comes in an almost homogenous, meat-red color. Steaming also makes Beech easier to work with. This method results in a plain, almost patternless look.
As a hardwood, Beech can withstand a lot, therefore it is ideal for heavy-duty use. It is far less prone to splitting compared to Oak.
The color of Beech grips is not affected either by UV radiation or oxygen, there's no oxidation or decomposition. Only ambient dirt and dust will affect the color of this wood.
A huge benefit of this wood is its durability. Keep it relatively dry, every couple of weeks or months apply some kind of oil or wax and you're good to go!
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