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Bellifortis Bauernwehr

Stock:1 pcs
Bellifortis Bauernwehr
Bellifortis Bauernwehr
Bellifortis Bauernwehr
Bellifortis Bauernwehr
Bellifortis Bauernwehr
Bellifortis Bauernwehr

As some of you might know, a pair of rather large Bauernwehren was spotted in the manuscript, from the very early 15th century. We decided that a (somewhat loose) interpretation must happen, because they looked awesome.

399.00 EUR
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Question about the product

As it was a side project, we modified a munitions-grade Günther blank for it as we couldn't justify forging a completely new blade - we can only do that by daylight, and proper work hours are completely reserved for finishing orders.
One of the more interesting design challenges was, obviously, handling. We didn't want to make something that handles like a machete, so we fiddled around a bit with distal taper and cross section. We ended up with a 130mm PoB with a 936 grams weight, so it's rather responsive for something with minimal hilt accessories. The time spent with getting to this handling is the main cause of the price.
The grip is yew, affixed by solid brass rivets for a change. The wood is sanded to a rather high finish and is sealed with teak oil. We decided to use bolsters made from bronze and affixed by soldering, while the endcap is mild steel.
The hand-ground blade is sharp, and it has a sharpened false edge in the clip. We debated putting a proper long false edge on it or not putting any on it based on period artwork and in the end we compromised with this.

This is a unique one-off piece.

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Weapon type
Blade length
680 mm
Overall length
885 mm
Point of balance
130 mm
936 grams
1 pcs
Article No.
800 g/pcs