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Dietrich type XIV arming sword

Stock: Wide-Hollow-With 6 pcs
Dietrich type XIV arming sword
Dietrich type XIV arming sword
Dietrich type XIV arming sword
Dietrich type XIV arming sword

A simple-looking arming sword with a variety of hilt accessories and a thin blunt blade, best suited for drills.

225.00 EUR
6 pcs
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Question about the product

TypeXIV arming swords appear to be quite popular in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. It's the first type in Oakeshott's typology to have a tip dedicated to thrusts. Since we are great fans of sword and buckler, we wanted to make something suitable for I. 33. During searching for an optimal design, we came up with a number of variants, so please check availability for them.

The blade is hand-ground from 51crv4/6150 steel, heat-treated to 50-52 HrC. The fuller extends into the rather wide tang. The edges are thin to minimise weight without altering the cross-section too much, but the tip is thickened for some safety during thrusts.

The midportion of the cross is squished into the fuller to help it lock in place. One version is somewhat pointy, while the other has a wider end.

We did two kinds of pommels as well, with one being solid steel and the other being hollow. This latter feature is seen on a number of originals, and makes for a very distinct handling. This impacts the weight and point of balance noticeably, so please check the stats before ordering!

The optional "rainguard" is made from half-tan leather and is embossed and well-oiled. We are still not quite sure what their purpose was as there are multiple theories: partial finger protection, simple fashion accessory and a protective layer between the thumb and the blade in certain grips. Still, they are a very nice addition in our opinion, and also something we wanted to include for a long time now. The choice of leather makes it sufficiently durable even if you plan on using it for protection.

Overall length: 940mm

Blade length: 773mm

Weigh/PoB, solid pommel: 985g/140mm
Weight/PoB, hollow pommel: 885g/170mm


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Wide-Hollow-With 6 pcs
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