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Liechtenauer Federschwert Longsword

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Liechtenauer Federschwert Longsword
Liechtenauer Federschwert Longsword
Liechtenauer Federschwert Longsword
Liechtenauer Federschwert Longsword

A unique short-gripped Federschwert based on the alleged portrait of a fencing master, Johannes Liechtenauer in Cod. 44. A 8.

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Question about the product

Blunt longsword simulators appear in the first half of the 15th century, and their successors are still used today for martial arts and sports. This model of ours is based on an illustration from the Cod. 44. A 8, AKA the von Danzig manuscript, mostly aimed at people prioritizing period-accurate proportions.

The proportions and size of this sword attempts to follow the illustration as closely as realistically possible, so there are some features that set it apart noticeably from other Fechtfeders.

First of these is the extreme width of the Schilt, which is decorated with the only fullers on the blade. The rest of the blade is depicted with a clearly rectangular cross-section, so the flexibility and weight distribution is handled by distal taper alone.

The second difference is the grip length. There is clearly not enough space for both hands without grabbing the pommel as well. Due to the latter, we would recommend the Feder for both solo and partnered drills and controlled sparring, as bulky gloves would not fit properly on the grip!

The heavy version's blade is stiffer, making it work better from a bind, while the light version is much more flexible, making thrusts somewhat safer.

All metal accessories are hand-ground to their final cross-sections, with the blade being 51crv4/6150 steel, heat-treated to 50-52 HrC.

The grip has a wooden core, and a vegetable-tanned, glued leather wrap overbound with cord to give it some texture.

We follow the philosophy of design from the past- hardly any weapons were made pristine. They bore signs of swordmaker's tools, hours of filing and hard work which makes for a unique signature of the maker, and their relationship with the weapon they forge. It means that our pieces are unique, and no two weapons are the same.

The weapon is a practice blunt sword for sparring and technical drills, perfect for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).


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Weapon type
Blade length
960 mm
Overall length (heavy)
1 200 mm
Overall length (light)
1 170 mm
Weight (heavy)
1 790 grams
Weight (light)
1 590 grams
Point of balance (heavy)
120 mm
Point of balance (light)
130 mm
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