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Bauernwehr with sheath

Stock: floral motifs-Right 3 pcs
Bauernwehr with sheath
Bauernwehr with sheath
Bauernwehr with sheath
Bauernwehr with sheath

A sharp Bauernwehr in the style of the early 16th century with a leather sheath.

180.00 EUR
floral motifs-Right
3 pcs
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Question about the product

The Bauernwehr is a dagger-sized sidearm with a knifelike hilt construction. Our design takes elements from original pieces and illustrations, combining them into something that wouldn't look out of place in the 16th century.

The stout 250mm/9.84" long blade is ground free-handed from 6mm/0.236" thick 6150 steel. It has minimal distal taper to keep the blade presence serviceable. The short false edge is fully sharpened just like the true edge, but due to the thickness of the material, it's main function is to aid penetration.

The bolster protrudes beyond the edge. It's affixed by two rivets ground mostly flush, and by the type N2a Nagel. The Nagel's socket and shaft is square with rounded edges to minimize the chance of it loosening or rotating.

The grip is beech, affixed by tubular brass rivets. The cross-section is a truncated flat oval, broken up with flat surfaces at the edges.

The sheath is hand-sewn from vegetable-tanned leather, and we included quite a bit of variation in them. It's available without any decoration, or with either geometric or floral motifs and we made two with a single large Totentanz figure.

Stats (without scabbard):
Overall length: 395mm
Blade length: 250mm
Starting thickness: 6mm
Weight: 550g
PoB (measured from the top edge of the bolster): 25mm

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floral motifs-Right 3 pcs
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500 g/pcs