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15th-16th century Rugger with CC2 pommel

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15th-16th century Rugger with CC2 pommel

A long, thrust-oriented Bauernwehr variant, also knows as a Rugger.

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Question about the product

The Rugger is a thrust-oriented Bauernwehr, popular in the 15-16th centuries. The blade is generally narrow with a thick spine and slight, if any, distal taper. The originals cover the entire size range of daggers from 180mm long blades all the way up to 700-750mm overall length. Like the Bauernwehr, they lack a cross, instead they have knife-like bolsters. They almost always have a Nagel, like Messers do, and the grip is knifelike in construction. They might have a simple pommel-less grip, or they might have pommel caps, or even fully fledged pommels.

Our interpretations are on the long side of the spectrum, and the blades exhibit some distal taper to make sure it can cut to at least some extent. The fullered grip is made of beech, and is affixed by tubular brass rivets.  The pommel is one of CC2 form, and the tang is peened over it. The bolster is a folded piece of steel, offering mininal protection on the edge side. The shape N2a Nagel passes through the bolster and the blade and is peened on the other side.

It doesn't have a scabbard or sheath, but we'd be happy to make one for you.

Overall length: 730mm
Blade length: 550mm
Weight: 607g
PoB (measured from Nagel): 80mm


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1 pcs
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